Module 1: The Rise of Adolf Hitler


 Module 1: The Rise of Adolf Hitler

Materials needed for implementation

·         In the classroom, teacher will need a computer with internet access

·         A data projector or a SmartBoard

·         Speakers

·         Time will need to be reserved in the school library or media center

·         Students will need paper, pencils, pens, etc.

Instructional Plan

·         Students should have a basic understanding of World History and prior knowledge of World Wars

·         Ask students what they know about Adolf Hitler. Discuss briefly and introduce the question: Why was Hitler able to rise to power in Germany?

·         Using the data projector, log onto the website: to watch video clips of Adolf Hitler speaking. Note that Hitler’s speaking skills and pageantry at Nazi rallies were part of his allure.

·         Explain to students that they are each going to look at one of the circumstances that help Hitler come to power and encourage them to form their own opinions on his rise to attempt world power.

·         Review with students after watching video clips and explain that there are four basic reasons that Hitler was able to obtain power with these main reasons being: The Great Depression in Germany, Hitler’s appeal to the German citizens, the weakness of the Weimar Republic, and the Treaty of Versailles.

·         Divide students into four groups and assign each group one of the topics discussed in the previous step. Groups will work together on their topic and write a written report on their findings

      ·         Students will need at three days in the library or media center for research and collaboration.

·         Students will report  on their findings in the final class period for this exercise and will be graded on their written report and participation according to assessment guidelines.


  • Library Print Materials
  • Library Online Databases: Wilson Web Biography, Wilson Web History

 Internet Resources 

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