Module 2: The Holocaust


   Module 2: The Holocaust

Material needed for Implementation

  •     In the classroom the teacher will need a computer with internet access.

·         A data projector or SmartBoard

·         Speakers

·         Access to the library or media center                                          

·         Data storage device (flash drive)

·         PowerPoint  Software

·         Fact sheet for compiling data 

Instructional plan

·         Students should have a basic understanding of World History and prior knowledge of World Wars

·         At the conclusion of this assignment, students will understand the progression of the Holocaust by examining German propaganda, photos, videos and first-hand accounts from the early years, (1933) through the end of World War II (1945). Students will evaluate the responsibility of people that caused, participated in, and tried to prevent the Holocaust.

·         After classroom discussion and viewing of the website, students will be divided into four groups and the teacher will assign each group a topic to research.

·         Each group will be given an area of concentration or topic. The four topics will be: Propaganda, Early photos and video, Who was responsible? and Who were those that helped?

·         The teacher will arrange for at least three days time in the library and computer lab for research PowerPoint development.

·         Each group will be given a fact sheet and storage media to save their work.

·         Each group will create a PowerPoint presentation incorporating the facts they have accumulated during this assignment.

·         Each student will present a part of the presentation in class and will be assessed for their contribution.

·         The overall goal of this assignment is to put all this together and at the end create an overall view of the Holocaust and promote discussion about the subject.


  • Library Print Materials
  • Library online Databases: Wilson Web History
  • PowerPoint Software

 Internet Resources

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